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Recognizing fully that to
achieve a competitive
advantage, a school must
perform value creating
activities in a way that
creates more overall value
than do competitors, we
will work only with one
school organization that
provides specific in-demand
occupational training within
a defined market region.
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Extreme Placement Rates

Helping schools create a sustainable competitive advantage with innovative career services platforms
Student Employment Acceleration

In today's market, one of the single biggest competitive advantages is a compelling student
experience.  And one of the most compelling experiences is employment success.

A strong career services program is a career school's greatest asset in creating superior value and a recognized
differentiation advantage.

  • It creates a compelling reason for prospective students to visit your school without the need to create banal
    marketing messages and spend enormous sums on marketing and advertising.
  • It creates compelling reasons for students to stay in school increasing your retention rates and profits.
  • It ensures consistently high employment success rates.
  • It creates a strong referral base, again minimizing marketing and advertising costs.
  • It makes point-of-sale messages far more compelling.
  • It's the "proof of the pudding."
  • It's the reason you're in business!

If you wish to increase your employment success rates above benchmark percentages and create a sustainable
competitive advantage for your programs, we definitely have a solution!

Pro-Active Students + Continual Student Recruitment = High Employment Rates.

We help you accelerate both sides of the equation and create a sustainable competitive advantage for your school!

If any or all of your program employment success rates hover near or below benchmark percentages, we may be able
to help.  But first things first.

I will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all your career service components to ensure the right services mix
is suggested.  And to ensure complete objectivity, I will conduct this comprehensive evaluation for only the cost
of travel and related out-of-pocket expenses.
The Student Side

You simply cannot achieve high employment success
in all your programs unless your students are putting
in as much effort into their job search as you are in
securing recruitment from potential employers!
problem is most career schools and colleges provide
their students only with opportunities to learn how to
write résumés, answer interview questions, and dress
for success.  These are individual skills useful at some
stage of the process, but are simply not enough to be
successful in a 21st century technology-driven job

A 21st century job search requires self-directed job
search and personal marketing skills that are rarely
included in school curricula or taught at career and
placement centers. So instead of designing an
effective job search campaign, the typical graduate
begins looking for work by exploring postings on
Internet job boards or reading ads in the newspaper,
or worse yet, simply waits for calls from the career
center office; a prescription for extended
unemployment and marginal employment success rates.

Through my
Get Hired NOW!™ For Career School
Students programs, your students learn what most
have never learned -
how to market themselves
.  These powerful, occupation-customized
programs lead your students through the three key
components of a successful job search:

  1. Identifying the best job search strategies for
    their personal goals.
  2. Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.
  3. Staying motivated in the face of frustration and

And by employing modern technology to deliver the
program content,
all your students in all your
campuses get the same high level live instructor-led
coaching to achieve one of the most cost-effective
means of creating powerful learning platforms that
produce results!

Subscription-Based Services

My subscription-based services equip your institution
with core virtual training and services that will identify
you as a leader in the industry.  It includes:

  • Unlimited access to an eLearning series that
    outlines a complete personal marketing system
    for job seekers.  It provides all the tools needed
    to get job search efforts unstuck, make an
    effective action plan, and start getting
    interviews.  Can be offered for a lifetime to
    your graduates without staff involvement!
  • Unlimited access to a Weblog designed to
    provide current job search information and
    resources created and branded for your
    institution exclusively.  Again, another lifetime
    offer to your graduates!
  • The Get Hired NOW! program customized for
    occupation-specific content.  Your students and
    graduates throughout all your campuses and
    sites get the best training all the time!
  • Access to powerful web-based software that
    organizes every aspect of a job search, reminds
    the job seeker of everything they need to do,
    tells them about new jobs that fit their criteria,
    and has the ability to monitor participant job
    search progress to ensure they achieve success.
  • Integration of virtual services with your on-
    campus career services.
  • Continual contact with on-campus Director of
    Career Services to ensure the success of the
    entire program.
The Student Recruitment Side

One of the earmarks of a successful career services
program is the ability of the institution to generate
continual recruitment of graduates by employers and
staff agencies.

Designing your student recruitment initiatives on a
professional services business model will cause you to
reach your full potential in generating student
recruitment.   My
Recruitment Acceleration program
is a complete marketing and sales system for your
career center staff.

Your career center staff will learn:

  • how to choose the right marketing tactics for
    the character of your institution
  • A foolproof method for diagnosing exactly what's
    missing in your marketing and how to fix it
  • How to use Internet marketing techniques
  • Hands-on approaches for replacing unproductive
    cold-calling with the power of relationship