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Get Hired NOW! Program Overview

Get Hired NOW! is a complete job search system created originally by C.J. Hayden and Frank Traditi, and used by
companies, schools, professionals in career transition, and other professionals throughout North America since
2005.  It is a training program and coaching program combined.  Using the
Get Hired NOW! system in customized,
occupation-specific course workbooks, the program teaches your students how to find a job step by step, using
proven job search techniques for the 21st century marketplace.

Get Hired NOW!, customized for occupation-specific programs, shows your students how to make the shift from
looking for advertised positions and relying on your career center passively to marketing themselves to the right
people actively. The program provides your students with all the tools they need to build a customized job search
plan, then coaches them to implement that plan successfully. In other words, EPR provides enough information AND
support to get your students moving toward pro-active autonomous action.  
The integration of pro-active
autonomous behavior with strong graduate recruitment efforts will certainly increase your employment
success rates substantially!

Get Hired NOW!
, customized for use in career schools and colleges, is targeted to those occupations that require at
least a high school diploma, or equivalent, and comprehensive specialized training at the accredited career school
and college level.  

Get Hired NOW! For Career School Students, teaches students what really works to find a job - connecting with
people who know where the jobs are through networking, building referrals, contacting potential employers,
informational interviewing, and using recruiters and agencies.  Its action plan can be updated and used over and
over, and continue to work for the life of your graduate's career.

The occupation-specific workbooks include tools and tactics for career transition and job search, with newly revised
supplementary material available during the initial webinars at

What Participants Learn

Using the occupation-specific Get Hired NOW! workbook as a text along with the newly revised supplemental
materials created by Lee Gamelin, participants learn a simple but highly effective cookbook approach,
straightforward tips, and specific techniques like these:

  • What really works to land the job they really want, and what doesn't
  • How to diagnose what’s wrong with their job search approach using the Job Search Pyramid
  • How to design a job search action plan that is suited not only to their professional goals, but their
    personality, strengths and personal connections
  • How to break out of "analysis paralysis" and determine exactly what they need to do first -- and every step of
    the way
  • How to overcome the fear, resistance, and procrastination that block effective action
  • How to create a customized, affordable, reusable, and realistic job search plan
  • Ongoing support and encouragement to stick to their plan throughout the program

Expected Results

The Get Hired NOW! program is a job search system that works over and over again. As people become more
comfortable with personal networking and direct contact as the basis for an effective job search, they’ll set new
kinds of goals and play with different strategies and tactics to reach them.

Praise from experts…

Despite what you’re hearing, finding employment today has never been so accessible.  It’s the “know-how” that’s
missing.  This [program] will literally lead you by the hand and walk you through 28 days of what you should do in
order to succeed.  A treasure trove of practical, tested ideas.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit:  From Effectiveness to Greatness

Your ability to find and get the job you want largely determines your success or failure in life.  This [program] is
the best ever written on the subject.
Brian Tracy, TurboCoach:  A Powerful System for Achieving Breakthrough Career Success

Hayden and Traditi are the consummate experts when it comes to providing real life, immediately usable, and
extremely valuable guidance and advice.  If you want to find the job or career of your dreams, this [program] is a
Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach®, author, Making Your Dreams Come True

Hayden and Traditi have created a valuable resource for job seekers and career coaches alike.  This [program] is an
essential tool for every coach who works with job seeking clients.
Maria E. Hebda, founder, CertifiedCareerCoaches.com
Get Hired NOW!™
Contact Lee Gamelin today to discuss what may work best for your
program's goals,

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  • Stand-alone webinar, or
  • Monthly subscription to training and other services
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