Most of you have great programs and great market opportunities.  Now it's time
to build a great school, and create a sustainable competitive advantage with
high employment success rates.
 That's why we should talk.  I can tell you I'm an
exceptional career services professional, and training and development
specialist, but why not let the facts speak for themselves?

In a recent pilot initiative with New Horizons Computer Learning Center of
Greater Philadelphia that offered career-oriented programs, I created, developed
and managed a career center in both a real and virtual environment that resulted
in placement rates increasing from the 30th percentile to the 90th percentile
within less than a year, including four consecutive months at 100%.  As a result,
New Horizons was able to regain funding sources lost to low employment rates
on the strength of my new initiatives alone.

I was able to do this by creating and developing groundbreaking job search skills
learning programs that change self-perceptions, belief systems and job search
behavior.  In addition, I developed a marketing plan that garnered continual
recruitment of graduates and new sales opportunities for the company.

I have developed a rare combination of experience, vision and leadership - and
that's exactly the combination a good school needs to achieve its full potential.

So, if your school teeters on disaster because of marginal placement rates for
some or all of your programs,
contact me today, and let's arrange a time to
discuss the possibilities!

I'm available for short- and long-term projects on a contract or contingent
employment basis in North America.
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