Position your school as an industry leader in superior value creation.

Extreme Placement Rates (EPR) helps schools create a sustainable competitive advantage.  We do this by
designing and managing innovative career services platforms in real and virtual environments, and employer
recruitment initiatives that achieve significant increases in gainful employment rates.

We help you integrate your resources and capabilities to form distinctive competencies.  These
competencies enable innovation, effectiveness, quality and student responsiveness, all of which are
leveraged to create a differentiation advantage.  
We offer the proprietary know-how that creates a
differentiation advantage that few competitors can duplicate easily

In the frontier of creating competitive advantages, not much is left for career schools.  You're
licensed...so are your competitors.  You're accredited...so are your competitors.  You're a Title IV and/or
WIA eligible institution...so are your competitors.  You offer in-demand occupational training...so do your
competitors.  You teach résumé writing and interviewing skills...so do your competitors.  You offer job
placement assistance...so do your competitors.  
The entire industry has been commoditized!

So what's left?  Where can you create superior value for your students and graduates and superior profits for
your school?  
The answer is in designing a new career services paradigm and creating innovative
transformative learning programs and job development services that impact gainful employment rates

In today's market, one of the single biggest competitive advantages is a compelling student experience.  
And one of the most compelling experiences is gainful employment.  
And we can make it all happen!

Contact us today.  Let's discuss the possibilities!
Extreme Placement Rates

Helping schools create a sustainable competitive advantage with innovative career services platforms
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